Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, is currently being recommended as an incredibly affordable vacation destination, ranking among the cheapest in the world.

With the disappointing weather and May already underway, it seems like the perfect time for a holiday.
However, amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis that has us all feeling the squeeze, it's important to keep expenses as low as possible.

Fortunately, the Post Office has come to the rescue with their annual compilation of the world's cheapest destinations, known as the 'World Holiday Costs Barometer' (WHCB).

For the past decade, they have analyzed the costs of eight essential holiday items in 40 cities and resorts, including a three-course meal for two, a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a Coca-Cola, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, sun cream, and insect repellent.

And the results are in for this year's rankings, with a long-standing favorite among teenagers securing a prominent position.
Yes, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria has claimed the third spot on the list, offering a bargain price of just £58.30 for the aforementioned items.

Further examination reveals that a bottle of beer in Sunny Beach costs a mere £1.90, a stark contrast to the £4 price tag in the UK. Moreover, according to the guide, you can enjoy a three-course meal for under £37. Certainly, good times await!

However, Sunny Beach couldn't outshine Marmaris in Turkey, where the essential items come to around £57.59. In Marmaris, you can relish a meal for just over £40 and savor a glass of wine for £3.75.

Claiming the top spot on the list is none other than Cape Town, South Africa. In this captivating city, you can indulge in a three-course meal, purchase insect repellent, and more, for a steal at just £51.44.

If none of the aforementioned options appeal to you, consider venturing to Pag, the Croatian party island, where you can enjoy a pint for only £1. Amidst the summer season, it offers Europe's secret party haven that rivals the festivities of Ibiza, Zante, and, dare we say, Shag-aluf.

Situated in Croatia, Pag Island provides both picturesque scenery and an array of beautiful beaches where you can party all night and recover from hangovers all day.
For those seeking a beachside groove under the blazing sun with an affordable drink in hand, Zrce Beach in Novalja is the place to be. It boasts numerous beach clubs, including the renowned Kalypso, a longstanding establishment that has been delivering pints, parties, and pumping tunes for almost two decades.

Pag Island is also a host to several popular music festivals, such as Hideout, Fresh Island Festival, Sonus Festival, and Barrakud.

Well, lads, I'll see you soon. I'm off to book my flights. Happy travels!

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