Radio host tears up after pensioner tells her he'll buy late wife headstone after winning £105k

Following a revelation by the prize winner to a radio host, social media is abuzz with people expressing their excitement. The fortunate individual, John, a pensioner, emerged as the winner of Hits Radio's Cash Register competition on Wednesday (17 May).

In an interview with presenter Hattie Pearson, John discussed his feelings about the win and shared his plans for the £105,000 prize money.
During the show, John disclosed that he had never won anything in the past, but he quickly added, "Well, I say I've never won anything - I've won the love of a wonderful woman."

The woman he referred to was Anita, his late wife who passed away six years ago. This heartfelt remark deeply affected Hattie, the presenter, who openly admitted that John's words had stirred her emotions. The touching moments continued to unfold, captivating the audience's hearts.

When questioned about his first planned purchase, John provided a heartfelt response, saying, "I would purchase a gravestone for my late wife's resting place." He further explained, "As a pensioner, saving up takes a considerable amount of time, especially considering the current costs of things." John revealed that his late wife's grave currently lacks a headstone, but he faithfully visits her every week.

In fact, he mentioned his intention to visit the graveyard on Saturday, May 20th, to place fresh flowers.
Recognizing the significance of this moment, Hattie reminded John of the positive news he would have to share with Anita during his Saturday visit. "You've just won £105,000, and now you'll be able to provide her with the gravestone she deserves," Hattie expressed. Overwhelmed by the situation, John needed a few minutes before he could proceed.

He confessed, "My legs are shaking, I'm shaking all over... It has evoked strong emotions within me. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so, so much. You don't realize what this means to me."
The interview clip shared by Hits Radio has triggered a flurry of activity on Twitter, with social media users expressing their emotions in fragments.

One Twitter user shared their experience, saying, "I couldn't hold back the tears while listening to John live... and even shed tears again upon re-listening. So happy for John."

Another user humorously mentioned, "The onions I chopped for last night's dinner seem to have had a delayed effect! Wow!"

A third individual chimed in, "This was beautiful. I was sitting in the car listening, and I was ecstatic that John won the money."

Reflecting on their own reaction, a fourth user admitted, "I was working this afternoon, and I found myself sobbing like a baby while listening to that."

Lastly, a user concluded, "John truly deserves this, he's such an endearing person."

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one and would like to have a confidential conversation, please reach out to Cruse Bereavement Care at their national helpline, 0808 808 1677.

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