Plane passenger arrested for opening plane door in mid-air after grabbing lever

Following a disturbing incident reminiscent of a scene from a Final Destination movie, chaos ensued when a passenger on a plane opened the aircraft door mid-flight by manipulating the emergency lever.
The alarming moment was captured on video, depicting passengers gripping their seats as a powerful gust of wind rushed through the plane.

The flight in question, operated by Asiana Airlines and identified as OZ8124, involved an Airbus A321-200 jet departing from Jeju Island at approximately 11:45 local time (03:45 GMT) on Friday, May 26.

When the aircraft was only a few minutes away from landing in Daegu, South Korea, a man, who has since been apprehended, removed a cover and activated the release mechanism, causing the door to open at an altitude of around 200 meters above the ground, according to an airline spokesperson cited by The Independent.
While no injuries were reported, nine passengers experienced severe distress and were subsequently taken to a nearby hospital upon landing safely at Daegu airport at 12:40 pm local time. Remarkably, the door remained open throughout the landing, exacerbating the passengers' anxiety and leading to breathing difficulties.

The Transport Ministry disclosed that several individuals on the flight attempted to prevent the culprit from opening the door but were unable to intervene successfully.

Authorities have detained a male passenger in his 30s for questioning, as he was responsible for opening the door while the plane was still at a considerable altitude above the ground, as reported by Yonhap News Agency. The suspect has not provided any explanation for his actions and was found to be sober at the time of his arrest.

An official stated, "Engaging in a coherent conversation with him is challenging. We will investigate the motive behind this crime and ensure appropriate punishment."

The aircraft accommodated a total of 194 passengers, including 48 teenage athletes who were scheduled to participate in a national sports event in the city of Olsan on Saturday, May 27. The mother of one of the athletes described how children near the exit were particularly shaken, trembling and crying in panic.
Passengers who witnessed the distressing incident have since shared their accounts of the intense terror they endured.

According to a 44-year-old passenger who spoke to Yonhap, the scene was characterized by chaos as people near the door began fainting one after another, while flight attendants urgently called for medical professionals over the intercom system. The passenger further expressed his own thoughts during the ordeal, stating, "I believed the plane was about to explode. I was convinced that this was how I would meet my end."

Asiana Airlines spokesperson has confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine how the door was opened in the first place. The spokesperson mentioned, "The authorities are currently examining the incident after a passenger seated close to the emergency exit claimed to have interacted with its lever."

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