People warned over new ‘delicate dumping’ dating trend

A relationship expert has cautioned individuals to remain vigilant against a troubling new trend in breakups.
Nothing quite sets the tone for the weekend like questioning whether your partner still loves you and pondering the possibility of ending up alone.

So here's an extensive exploration of that very topic and how some spineless individuals are slowly suffocating their relationships.

Emma Hathorn, an expert affiliated with the dating site Seeking, has shared her professional perspective on a phenomenon known as "delicate dumping," which is gaining popularity nationwide.
Essentially, delicate dumping occurs when one person loses feelings for their partner but instead of directly addressing the issue and ending the relationship, they employ a rather "cowardly" tactic to expedite their departure.

Incapable of taking action themselves, they simply cease making any effort, gradually distancing themselves from their partner in the hopes that the other person will initiate the breakup.

Condemning this trend, Hathorn explained that it is adopted by individuals who are unable to confront difficult situations.

"It's a cowardly approach to ending a relationship, involving a gradual retreat to avoid challenging conversations or even resorting to ghosting," she stated.

"Similar to 'quiet quitting,' you technically remain 'committed' but cease making an effort."

Furthermore, she added, "It's the easy way out, but ultimately it's not the most compassionate way to end a relationship; it's childish."

However, it's not only individuals in committed relationships who are grappling with this issue; even those who have used dating apps may have fallen victim to being "zombied."
Singer-songwriter Mariel Darling has described a new breed of dating villains who transform into flesh-eating corpses, rising from the graveyard of failed romances to reconnect with their past partners.

Well, that's certainly unsettling.

The video's overlay text boldly declares, "Zombied is the modern form of ghosting."

Mariel shared her own personal encounter, saying, "Girl, you're getting ghosted? Meanwhile, I'm out here getting zombied."

The 'Free Girl' singer proceeded to provide her own interpretation of this harrowing experience.

"It's like ghosting, but he returns from the depths after a few months and reaches out to you," she explained.

The TikTok video has amassed over 1.5 million views, accompanied by an outpouring of comments from individuals who undoubtedly empathize with Mariel's anguish.

One TikTok user shared, "Mine has a Jesus Christ complex; he resurrects every three days."

Another comment read, "I heard someone say they use gravestone emojis next to their names in contacts, so they know to avoid dealing with them."

It's undoubtedly a bleak world out there, folks. Stay safe.

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