OnlyFans star disowned by her family after they found her account

After discovering that she was producing content for OnlyFans, a woman disclosed that her family disowned her.
Kayla Jade, a highly popular creator on OnlyFans, unfortunately faced the consequence of severed family ties when a male relative shared images from her account with the rest of the family.

In a TikTok video, Kayla emphasized the illegality of her relative's actions and expressed her emotional state following her family's discovery.

The situation took a turn for the worse when another family member accessed her OnlyFans profile and disseminated some of her pictures among relatives.

Kayla mentioned that she began her OnlyFans venture approximately a year and a half ago, without explicitly informing her family, but she didn't actively hide it either.

"I didn't feel the need to conceal it because I was aware it would eventually be exposed," she explained.
"I had a strong desire to achieve great success, so I didn't see the need to make an effort to conceal it from my friends or family because I knew the truth would inevitably surface. As time passed, my popularity grew, and more people began to come across my content.

"My friends started noticing my work, and eventually, it reached my family's attention. When my mother and sister discovered it, they didn't approach me directly; instead, they asked my father to call and discuss it with me."

To her father's credit, during the phone call, he displayed remarkable understanding and unwavering support for his daughter, which, unfortunately, was not a sentiment shared by other family members.

Among the rest of her family, she observed that "no one could muster the courage to look me in the eye and discuss it." Then one day, she received a message from a family member who completely disowned her.
Expressing it as the most relieving burden lifted from her shoulders, Kayla elaborated on the subsequent events, sharing that she received a message informing her about the incident that unfolded when a family member accessed her OnlyFans account and shared numerous screenshots within the family group chat.

Curiously, engaging in content creation for OnlyFans was perceived negatively, while accessing the platform and paying for pictures was deemed acceptable.

Several commenters acknowledged that it was Kayla's life and her prerogative to make her own choices, offering their apologies regarding her family situation.

Some inquired whether it was worth it, to which Kayla replied that she couldn't be happier, while advising critical commenters to "mature and embrace the current year, 2023."

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