Martin Lewis gives urgent warning to anyone earning less than £60,000 to do a 10-minute check

Martin Lewis is urgently cautioning individuals with incomes below £60,000 to conduct a brief 10-minute assessment.

The expert in saving money advises individuals earning less than £60k to explore the possibility of claiming entitled benefits.

The financial guru disclosed that a staggering £19 billion worth of benefits remains unclaimed annually. He now urges the British populace to ascertain whether they meet the requirements for any of these credits.
According to Lewis, financial credits that go "under claimed" are accessible to individuals earning up to £60,000.

He disclosed that numerous people could potentially qualify for government schemes such as Universal Credit, Council Tax Support, Carer's Allowance, Pension Credit, Child Benefit, Housing Benefit, and Water and Broadband Social Tariffs.

In his most recent newsletter for Money Saving Expert, he stated, "We have consistently encouraged you to verify whether you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to, understanding that millions were owed a portion of the billions. And many individuals in dire need of assistance, often having contributed to the system for a long time, are missing out."

Lewis proceeded to outline the fundamental aspects of the benefits calculator provided by Policy in Practice. This social policy software and analytics company collaborates with councils, the government, housing providers, and community organizations to assist families in accessing the benefits they are eligible for. This, in turn, can enhance their income and help prevent homelessness and debt.
The benefit and budgeting calculator offered by the company, which is connected to, assists individuals in determining their potential eligibility for support.

Lewis remarked, "With permission from Policy in Practice, we have utilized their data on the number of individuals not receiving the primary benefits, and combined it with our own information on who can claim these numerous underclaimed benefits. Our aim is to help you receive what you are entitled to."

He proceeded to reveal the most commonly underclaimed benefit among Brits.

Lewis highlighted that nearly one million people have been missing out on Universal Credit income, a monthly payment intended to assist with living costs. Despite low-income households already claiming benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the financial expert explained that individuals with a household income of up to £40,000 could also qualify for Universal Credit if they have children, childcare expenses, and rental costs.
For many years now, Lewis has passionately advocated for a specific benefit known as Pension Credit, which is granted to individuals with a low income and who receive the state pension.

Although approximately 850,000 pensioners are believed to meet the criteria for receiving payments amounting to around £3,500 per year, they are currently not claiming it.

The expert urges individuals falling into this category to apply for this benefit before the upcoming deadline of Friday, May 19th, in order to receive the initial £301 cost of living payment, as well as future cost of living payments.

He stated, "Pension Credit enhances your income. On average, it amounts to £3,500 per year, but even if you are entitled to just 50p, it is important to claim, as its superpower lies in qualifying you for additional benefits such as council tax reduction and free TV licenses."

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