Keanu Reeves reunites his old rock band after 21 years

Keanu Reeves is reforming his grunge band, Dogstar, after a two-decade absence.
The John Wick star played bass guitar in the Los Angeles-based rock group from their inception in 1991 until the beginning of their hiatus in 2002.

However, in an instagram post, Dogstar have now teased new music, with Reeves again involved.

The band’s official account posted an image of its members, including the actor, posing atop a roof.

An accompanying caption read: “Last set up on the roof in Lincoln Heights for [the] Dogstar photo shoot.

“Exciting news coming soon. Thanks for being so patient.”

Fans reacted enthusiastically to the announcement in the comments underneath, with one person writing: “For so many years we never even thought a come back was possible, this is like a dream come true. Seriously looking forward to it all.”

“AHHHHH!!! ‘Exciting news coming soon.’ Sis, it’s happening!” someone else commented.

It’s been reported that new music, as well as a new music video, will be released by the band this summer.

Last week, Reeves went viral on social media thanks to his interaction with a young fan at a comic book signing event.
As well as being an actor and musician, Reeves also co-wrote the BRZRKR comic book series.

In the “adorable” footage, Reeves can be seen smiling as nine-year-old YouTube star Noah told him that he is his “favourite actor in the whole entire world.”

Last month, Friends star Matthew Perry stated that he would be removing negative mentions of Reeves from future editions of his recent memoir.
The 53-year-old’s autobiography, titled Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, included repeated jokes at Reeves’ expense.

During an appearance at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday 22 April, Perry said: “I said a stupid thing. It was a mean thing to do.

“I pulled [Keanu Reeves’s] name because I live on the same street. Any future versions of the book will not have his name in it. If I run into the guy, I’ll apologise.”

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