Jonah Hill was left devastated when he lost the role to Justin Timberlake after the director immediately dismissed him.

Jonah Hill openly expressed his disappointment at losing a role to Justin Timberlake. Despite his impressive acting portfolio, which includes notable films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Superbad, 21 Jump Street, Moneyball, and his recent appearance in Netflix's You People, the 39-year-old actor couldn't help but feel let down.
Having garnered numerous award nominations, including two Best Supporting Actor Oscars and a couple of Golden Globes, Jonah Hill's acting prowess is undeniable. Nevertheless, there is one particular role that he missed out on, which continues to leave him feeling disheartened even years later.

In 2010, Hill was in the running for the part of Sean Parker in the film The Social Network, alongside Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg. Directed by David Fincher, the movie delved into the origins of Facebook and captivated critics, with many considering it one of the finest films of the 2010s.

Given the film's acclaim, it's understandable why Hill would have been disappointed to lose the role to Justin Timberlake. Reflecting on this setback during an appearance on The Bill Simmons Podcast in 2018, Hill candidly stated, "Low-key, or rather high-key, David Fincher didn't want me in The Social Network."
“It was between me and Justin Timberlake for that part. Obviously, [Fincher’s] the man, but he was not having me.

“The studio wanted me, I think, and then Justin Timberlake was amazing in it. Social Network is the one that I was actually, like, years later, was like, ‘F**k, like, I’m so bummed.'”
He went on to heap praise on the movie, adding: “That’s a movie I watch on a loop. You can watch that movie anytime.”

Timberlake’s The Social Network co-star Garfield has previously admitted that he struggled to keep his cool around the Cry Me A River singer due to being a fan.

"I love Justin," Garfield told Wired. "I loved working with him in The Social Network. I had to kind of keep my cool because I am such a fan. He was so supportive of me during all of that filming."
Garfield fondly recollects a specific moment he shared with Hill after filming a scene where Garfield smashes a laptop. He reminisces, "After that laptop smashing scene, he approached me, and without revealing what he said, I can only describe his words as incredibly kind and heartfelt."

Garfield goes on to express his admiration for Hill as an artist, noting that he grew up listening to Hill's music. To receive praise from someone he holds in such high regard was a truly special experience for Garfield, one he intends to cherish.

Thus, it appears that while Hill may have lost the role, Garfield gained a meaningful and memorable interaction with him.

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