Jessie James Decker shuts down mom-shamers as she proudly poses in black swimsuit

Jessie James Decker sent a clear message to individuals who criticize her for not covering up due to being a parent.
The 35-year-old country singer and wife of former NFL player Eric Decker took to Instagram to promote her Kittenish swimwear brand's newest collection.

Decker also used the opportunity to address those who told her she should not wear a bikini simply because she is a mother.

In the post, which was captioned "'Cover up you’re a mom'" [Laughing emoji], the singer addressed her 4.2 million followers and encouraged them to purchase the swimsuits.

The pictures show Decker posing in the sun in a black swimsuit, accessorized with gold jewelry and black sunglasses. The textured sexy black swimsuit, among other wonderful designs, will be available for purchase the following day at Kittenish. Don't forget to set your timers for 12c sweet cheeks, she says, you don't want to miss this one. Meow.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered numerous comments from devoted admirers. One individual praised the singer, stating: "You are the hottest mom - the haters are just envious [...] you inspire all women." Another commentator remarked, "Mothers are incredible and have the right to wear bikinis too - there's a reason why they say 'shake what your mama gave you'." A third individual shared their perspective, stating: "I'm a mother, and I'll always wear a daring bikini if it makes me feel comfortable." However, it seems that the post has also drawn negative attention, resulting in the limiting of comments.
Jessie and Eric first started dating back in 2011 after meeting through mutual friends.

In her 2018 memoir, Jessie admits that she "made Eric chase [her]" in an effort to prove he was really into her.

After becoming engaged in 2012, the couple would marry a year later in Colorado.

They have since welcomed three children; Vivianne in 2014, Eric Jr. in 2015, and Forrest in 2018.

During an appearance on the Motherly podcast back in 2019, the Jessie revealed that having children strengthened the couple's relationship.

The speaker explained that their shared experience of creating and raising three children together, whom they deeply love, has strengthened their bond and brought them closer.

They have a common goal of providing the best life possible for their children, which further unites them and enhances their connection.

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