Jennifer Lawrence seen wearing comfortable flip flops underneath stunning red carpet gown

Flip flops go by various names such as thongs, jandals, and occasionally, they are deemed a grave offense to fashion.

However, there's an undeniable fact concerning flip flops.

They provide significantly more comfort compared to six-inch high heels.
Moreover, if you happen to be someone prone to tripping over, much like Jennifer Lawrence, the list of advantages for wearing flip flops to a glamorous event undoubtedly becomes even more compelling.

And that's precisely the course of action she took.
The dress featured a ruffled bust with a corseted bustier.

To complete the ensemble, she elegantly draped a shawl over her arms. Her accessories included a sparkling diamond choker necklace and a lip color stained with the hue of wine.

From head to almost toe, she embodied the essence of classic Hollywood glamour.

However, on her feet, she chose a pair of simple black thongs.

According to Vogue, there exists an unwritten rule dictating that women attending the Cannes Film Festival must wear high heels.

Lawrence was accompanied by renowned figures from the film industry and her longtime industry friends, including director Sahra Mani from her film "Bread and Roses" and American Hustle producer Justine Ciarrocchi.

Following the birth of her one-year-old son Cy, whom she shares with her husband Cooke Maroney, Lawrence has opted for a more private life, and as a result, has been mostly absent from the red carpet.

Having initially achieved global success with the immensely popular film series "The Hunger Games," she spoke candidly to Vogue in October about her new role as a mother and her transformed life.

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