Jeff Bridges says his 12-inch tumour is now 'the size of a marble' after shrinking

In a recent interview, Jeff Bridges provided his fans with an update regarding his health, and the news seems to be positive.
The renowned actor shared that he had received a cancer diagnosis in 2020, which he disclosed on Instagram, stating that "new information has emerged," and he had been diagnosed with lymphoma.

While taking a break from filming The Old Man amidst the pandemic, Bridges engaged in some exercises when he noticed a sensation in his stomach that resembled a bone.
During his conversation with AARP, Bridges mentioned that initially, he didn't feel overly concerned about the sensation since it wasn't causing him any pain.

However, his wife Sue encouraged him to have it examined by a medical professional. Subsequently, while out hiking, he experienced itching in his shins and endured night sweats when attempting to sleep. At the time, Bridges attributed these symptoms to dry skin and warm summer nights, but later discovered that they were actually indicators of lymphoma. Upon seeking medical attention, he received the news that a substantial 12-inch tumor had been discovered in his body.

Undergoing chemotherapy to combat his cancer, Jeff Bridges faced an additional hardship when he contracted the coronavirus at a time when his immune system was at its weakest.

In an interview with AARP, he recounted receiving a letter from the chemotherapy facility, notifying him of his Covid infection. Due to the effects of chemotherapy, his immune system had been severely compromised, making the situation exceedingly challenging. As a result, Bridges found himself reliant on an oxygen supply, struggling to perform basic movements and breathe.

Surprisingly, the actor revealed that, in comparison to Covid, cancer seemed like a lesser concern. He recalled the doctor urging him to fight, emphasizing that he was not putting up a strong enough resistance. However, Bridges admitted that he could no longer comprehend the concept of fighting. He had entered a state of surrender, acknowledging his mortality and accepting the inevitable outcome. He even found solace in the thought of embarking on the next adventure beyond life.

Bridges credited his survival to embracing love and expressed deep gratitude for the remarkable care provided by the dedicated nurses and doctors who treated him, describing their efforts as truly exceptional.
While recovering from Covid, Jeff Bridges experienced a significant reduction in the size of his tumor, thanks to his ongoing cancer treatment.

Initially measuring around 12 inches by nine inches, the tumor has now diminished to the size of a marble, as per Bridges' description. In a previous update to his fans in 2021, he had already shared the news of the tumor undergoing a drastic shrinkage.

Recently, at the Critics Choice Awards, the 73-year-old actor was honored with the Lifetime Achievement award, recognizing his remarkable contributions to the acting industry throughout his over 50-year career in front of the camera. Additionally, he received a nomination for the Best Actor in a Drama Series award for his portrayal of a former CIA operative on the show "The Old Man," where the character finds himself on the run.

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