Holly Willoughby removes Phillip Schofield from her Twitter following rumours of a feud between the pair

Amid speculations of their strained relationship, Holly Willoughby has eliminated any mention of Phillip Schofield from her Twitter bio.
Holly and Phillip initially joined forces on television as hosts of Dancing on Ice in 2006. They subsequently took over the This Morning studio in 2009. Known for their close friendship off-screen, they had always garnered the affection and backing of the public. However, their camaraderie faced a setback last year during the "queue-gate" incident, where they were accused of bypassing the line to view the lying-in-state of the late Queen Elizabeth II.
In 2020, Willoughby stood by her friend's side when he publicly revealed his homosexuality. During a live on-air discussion about his news, she expressed her immense pride, stating, "Today, I am more proud of my friend than ever before."

According to a recent report by The Sun newspaper, there have been indications of a strained friendship between the two. A body language expert observed signs of tension during their show on Thursday, May 11th.
Addressing the rumors surrounding their supposedly strained relationship, Schofield acknowledged that they have not been communicating much lately. He shared with the media outlet that the past few weeks have been challenging for both of them due to various factors, such as Willoughby's illness and his brother's conviction for child sex offenses.

In a statement, Schofield emphasized the unwavering strength of their bond, stating, "As I have mentioned previously, Holly is my constant support. We remain the closest of friends—she continues to be an incredible source of support on and off the screen, as well as over the phone. Holly has consistently been there for me through all the ups and downs, and I have reciprocated that support."

He further acknowledged that the recent weeks have presented difficulties for both of them, reaffirming the challenges they have faced together.
Observant fans of the duo have taken note of a modification in Willoughby's Twitter bio, which no longer includes any reference to Schofield.

Previously, her Twitter bio made mention of a "Twitter legend," alluding to her co-presenter and friend. Having joined the popular ITV morning show in 2009, she created her Twitter account that same year and included the bio statement: "I was introduced to this by a Twitter legend."

However, Willoughby's current Twitter bio has undergone a change. It now describes her as a "Broadcaster, Founder of Wyldemoon, Brand ambassador for Marks & Spencer and Garnier, Author of Reflections."

A Twitter user who had preserved a screenshot of Willoughby's previous bio shared the image on social media, affirming its authenticity by stating, "Ah yes, I wasn't dreaming."

Furthermore, another fan expressed, "There have been numerous newspaper reports overnight suggesting that they have fallen out and no longer communicate. Holly has also removed any mention of Phil from her Twitter bio."

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