Following his victory in the trial, Ed Sheeran commemorates the occasion by treating New York to an unexpected street concert.

After emerging victorious in his plagiarism court case, Ed Sheeran pleasantly surprised his fans by delivering an impromptu street performance in New York.
In 2017, Kathyrn Townsend, the daughter of Ed Townsend, the co-writer of Marvin Gaye's renowned song 'Let's Get It On,' filed a lawsuit against the singer of 'Thinking Out Loud.' Townsend claimed that there were unmistakable resemblances between the two tracks and sought compensation for the alleged copyright violation.

Nevertheless, a jury in Manhattan sided with Sheeran, concluding that he did not plagiarize 'Let's Get It On' with his song 'Thinking Out Loud'.

Following his triumphant outcome in the trial, Ed Sheeran embraced the opportunity to perform for his fans on the streets of New York, outside an American Express pop-up venue, alleviating any concerns of having to abandon his music career indefinitely.
Amidst the cheering crowd that had gathered around, the singer confidently climbed atop a car, equipped with a guitar, to deliver an exhilarating performance.

Once the enthusiastic fans settled down, Sheeran addressed them, asking, "Would you mind if I sing one song before I depart?"

The singer-songwriter proceeded to captivate the audience with a rendition of "Boat," the opening track from his recently released album "Subtract," which coincidentally came out on Friday, May 5, shortly after his triumphant verdict in the trial.
Following three hours of deliberation, the jury reached their decision, prompting Sheeran to share a statement outside the courthouse.

Expressing his contentment with the case's outcome, the singer conveyed, "I am obviously thrilled with the result. It appears that I won't have to retire from my career just yet. However, it is incredibly frustrating that unsubstantiated claims like these are even allowed to proceed to court."

"For the past eight years, we have been discussing two songs that possess vastly different lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions, which are commonly utilized by songwriters worldwide on a daily basis."

[...] "I am merely an individual with a guitar who takes pleasure in composing music for others to enjoy. I refuse to be treated as a cash cow. Being present in New York for this trial has caused me to miss being with my family at my grandmother's funeral in Ireland, and I can never reclaim that lost time."

[...] "It is essential for songwriters and the broader community to unite and restore common sense. Such claims must be halted to allow the creative process to continue, enabling us all to return to making music. Simultaneously, we unquestionably require trusted individuals, genuine experts who assist in safeguarding copyright. Thank you."
Fans of the musician have flooded to social media in support of his win and impromptu performance in Manhattan.

One Twitter user wrote: "Best vid I've seen today."

"You have so much love out there. Good on you. Keep doing what you do best always x," another said.

A third commented: "Congrats on your lawsuit. Have fun in Dallas tomorrow and enjoy the tour."

A final resolved: "Love that he did this. So excited he won but that poor car."

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