Fans baffled at how often Margot Robbie's feet feature in new Barbie trailer

The frequent appearance of Margot Robbie's feet in the recently released Barbie trailer on May 25 has truly bewildered fans. Despite Robbie's current status as one of Hollywood's most renowned actors, with a successful track record of blockbuster films, it appears that people can't help but focus on a particular aspect of her appearance below the calves. In fact, it seems that there are two specific parts that capture their attention.
Under the direction of the incredibly talented Greta Gerwig, a significant portion of the comedy's trailer appears to be solely dedicated to showcasing the Australian star's feet, resulting in a massive uproar across the internet.

In the recently unveiled trailer, distributed by Warner Bros on Thursday, Robbie is featured alongside her co-star Ryan Gosling, offering viewers exclusive glimpses of the upcoming film that have never been seen before.
One particular moment or possibly two in the trailer has generated significant discussion, primarily due to its exclusive focus on the star's feet.

The highlighted scene showcases Robbie raising her leg while panicking over the loss of her iconic arched high-heel stance, leaving her with flat feet, which elicits a disgusted reaction from her group of friends.

As the trailer circulated online, it became evident that people eagerly shared their responses, flocking to social media platforms to deliver their verdicts.

A Reddit user expressed, "The 'flat foot' freak out had me laughing uncontrollably."

A Twitter user commented, "Hmm, the new Barbie trailer seems to feature quite a lot of Margot Robbie's feet."
The upcoming movie has been humorously referred to by some as a film where Margot Robbie's feet play a significant role in the plot.

In a lighthearted tone, a third individual joked, "If I had traveled back in time a year ago and told people that Margot Robbie's feet would be a crucial aspect of a major Hollywood movie, how many would believe me?"

Observing the recurring theme, a fourth commenter remarked, "It seems that Hollywood has a strong fascination with Margot Robbie's feet, doesn't it?" Similarly, a fifth person echoed this sentiment by stating, "I've noticed this is the third movie I've seen with a closeup of Margot Robbie's feet."

Another viewer candidly revealed, "The movie prominently features Margot Robbie's feet as a central element of the storyline. I can't wait to see it on the opening day."

These viewers are not alone in their enthusiasm for Robbie's feet, as evident from the internet's fervent response to the new Barbie trailer. It has sparked a foot-focused frenzy, with many expressing their desire to watch the film solely to catch a glimpse of Robbie's feet on the big screen.

And what exactly is the reason behind this fascination?
The peculiar phenomenon surrounding Robbie's feet can be attributed to a specific sexual fetish.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year, Robbie addressed the public's fixation on her feet. She shared a surprising detail, stating, "I'm quite adept with my toes. I could easily pick a lock."

Robbie even humorously mentioned her ability to "braid someone's hair with [her] toes," which undoubtedly sparked the interest of foot fetishists or "podophiles."

While some may find this fascination unusual, Robbie confessed that it doesn't bother her too much and, in fact, she considers it a form of flattery. She shared, "It's strange, but I'm actually honored by it."

Barbie is scheduled for release in theaters later this summer on July 21.

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