Family of alleged Walgreens shoplifter wants life sentence for security guard who killed him

The family of an alleged shoplifter at Walgreens is calling for a security guard, who killed him, to receive a life sentence.
Banko Brown, a 24-year-old Black transgender man, was at a Walgreens store in San Francisco on April 27 when he was approached by Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, a security guard who suspected Brown of shoplifting.

Recently released footage captures the moment when Brown was stopped and a confrontation occurred between the two individuals, resulting in Anthony shooting Brown on the sidewalk outside the store. In the brief video, Anthony, who has been licensed as a guard since 2012, intervenes to prevent Brown from leaving Walgreens, and then proceeds to repeatedly strike Brown with his fists.
Following a struggle lasting several seconds, Anthony applies a chokehold on Brown, compelling him to the ground. After allowing Brown to rise, he retrieves his bag and heads towards the exit. However, Brown abruptly changes direction and appears to make a motion towards Anthony, who responds by shooting him once.

According to The New York Post, during a police interview, Anthony stated his suspicion that Brown had shoplifted and requested him to return the items. He further claimed that he perceived Brown as the aggressor in the situation and had fought to retain the items inside Brown's shopping bag.

As per Anthony's account, Brown allegedly continued to threaten him with stabbing after being instructed to calm down. Anthony reportedly released his hold on Brown, drew his gun, but aimed it at the floor as a precaution in case Brown approached him.

Anthony claimed that he shot Brown when he perceived an imminent charge from the alleged shoplifter, only realizing later that Brown intended to spit at him and not attack with a knife. It was reported that Brown did not have a knife on his person.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins faced criticism after she stated that she found no evidence to refute Anthony's claim of self-defense. Jenkins also cautioned against forming an opinion based solely on the video footage of the shooting, as explained by CNN.

Subsequently, the district attorney's office issued a statement indicating that Anthony is unlikely to face charges in relation to Brown's death. The statement cited the overall circumstances, including the perceived threat Anthony experienced and reasonably believed, as evidence that the shooting of Brown did not constitute a criminal act. Consequently, Anthony is not held criminally responsible for Brown's demise.

Despite reviewing the video evidence, Brown's family holds a contrasting opinion regarding Anthony's lack of criminal liability in relation to Brown's demise. John Burris, the family's attorney who previously represented the late rapper Tupac Shakur in a civil lawsuit against the police, expressed to CNN that Anthony's conduct was "far beyond what could be considered reasonable and necessary."

Burris further stated, "Confronting someone and engaging in a conversation is distinct from confronting them, subjecting them to physical violence, and ultimately causing their death."

According to TMZ, the family is going to the extent of demanding a life sentence for Anthony in connection with the shooting.

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