F1 driver comes terrifyingly close to running someone over in heartstopping footage

F1 fans were left stunned after witnessing a close call between a racing car and a photographer at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.
Footage of the incident was broadcast shortly after it occurred, prompting the F1 governing body to launch an investigation.

The incident occurred towards the end of the race when Esteban Ocon stopped to take a break, while photographers rushed to take pictures of the winner and runner-up. Due to the noise from the race, staff put up barriers and congregated, thinking the race was over.
However, Ocon was still racing towards the pit stop and narrowly avoided hitting any pedestrians.

The incident caused panic among photographers and staff as they scattered, with several people narrowly avoiding injury.

Despite the race continuing and no injuries, the incident has raised concerns among F1 officials and the FiA.

In a statement, the stewards acknowledged that representatives took steps to prepare for the podium ceremony but noted that the situation created a dangerous situation for those in the pit lane.

They stressed that ensuring a safe event is of utmost importance.
The statement stated that they had thoroughly discussed the relevant procedures and protocol with FIA representatives and instructed them to immediately review and reconsider these procedures to prevent another similar incident from happening again.

The statement further stated that the FIA representatives expressed regret over the incident and gave assurance that necessary actions would be taken before the next event.

Esteban Ocon, the driver involved in the incident, mentioned that his car had approached the pedestrians closely, and he had to slow down. He also expressed that he wouldn't have wanted to be in the pit at that moment due to the high speed at which he was arriving, as it could have resulted in a major disaster.

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