Elsa Jean, a performer in the adult entertainment industry, has disclosed that her profession was brought to light when her uncle made a comment on her initial video.

Elsa Jean, an adult film performer, has revealed how her family discovered her career in the industry in an unexpected and shocking way.
While some people are proud to share their professional achievements with their loved ones, there are certain occupations that one may wish to keep private.

Although the stigma surrounding the adult entertainment industry and its participants is gradually decreasing, it is understandable that some performers may choose to conceal the explicit nature of their occupation from their relatives.

Elsa Jean, who previously worked in a grocery store and as a barista at Starbucks, underwent a dramatic transformation when she joined the adult entertainment industry at the age of 18.
As per her IMDb page, the stunning blonde Sapphire Nicole Howell was nicknamed "Elsa" (after the Disney princess) during her time as a stripper in Washington, DC.

However, Jean was surprised when her uncle not only watched her first performance on PPPPPP after transitioning to an on-screen role but also left a comment.

During her appearance on the Unfiltered podcast with Holly Randall, Jean shared this peculiar incident and speculated that although she was unsure, she suspected that her mother became aware of her profession through other relatives. "At the very beginning... I find this disgusting, but one of my uncles commented on my first PPPPPP performance," she informed Randall. "So, I believe that made my aunt angry and that she may have been the one who exposed everything, but I'm not certain." Jean also stated, "In any case, they discovered it quickly."

The 26-year-old performer went on to disclose that, while she is open with her mother about most things, they do not discuss what happens in her sexual encounters, whether it be on a bed, in a sauna, or on a couch. Additionally, Jean is unaware of how her mother represents her profession to others.

Recounting the moment when her mother learned of her losing her virginity, Jean explained, "I once wrote a note when I lost my virginity, as I enjoy journaling, so I wrote a note about what happened, and my mom wrote back saying, 'It's okay, everything's fine, I'm not upset or anything.'"

"I was mortified that she knew I had sex, so I can't imagine discussing shooting porn with her," Jean stated.

Jean retired from mainstream adult films, revealing to Randall that she ended her career after being misled by a company about their testing procedures. She stated that this lie resulted in her contracting a "treatable STD" after participating in a scene with three or four men.

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