Doctor Who fans spotted Catherine Tate’s hidden message during Eurovision appearance

Catherine Tate's secret message during her Eurovision performance last night (13 May) has sparked excitement among Doctor Who enthusiasts. The beloved actress delighted Whovians by subtly referencing the show during her appearance at the renowned international song contest.

After noticing the hidden reference, attentive fans swiftly took to social media platforms to share their exhilaration. The comedian was warmly welcomed by Graham Norton, the presenter of Eurovision, alongside Hannah Waddingham from "Sex Education" and "Ted Lasso."
"She's arrived! She's part of it all," exclaimed Norton to the exuberant live audience and enthusiastic viewers at home. In her signature comedic and endearing manner, Tate greeted the crowd with a playful twist, saying, "Hello Liverpool."

"I've been captivated by Eurovision ever since I was a young girl," she added.

However, during her memorable cameo, fans detected an intriguing additional detail.
The noteworthy aspect was that the star skillfully slipped in the renowned Doctor Who reference during her brief yet iconic appearance on the show.

In her conversation with Norton and Waddingham, Tate uttered the phrase that you've probably already guessed - 'allons-y.'

Now, in case you've been out of touch with TARDIS-related trivia or simply need a refresher, 'allons-y' is a frequently used catchphrase by the Tenth Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant.

Translating from French to 'let's go,' 'allons-y' became one of the Tenth Doctor's beloved expressions.

It's no surprise then that fans erupted with excitement when Tate exclaimed 'allons-y' while announcing the United Kingdom's 12 points at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Whovians took to Twitter to share their enthusiastic reactions to this clever reference.
Get ready for an abundance of capital letters.


Equally enthusiastic, another fan tweeted, "CATHERINE TATE SAID ALLONS-Y ON EUROVISION!"

"CATHERINE SAID ALLONS-Y HAHAHAHA," echoed a third user.

A fourth chimed in, saying, "Bonus points for the accent haha."

A fifth fan, completely taken aback, revealed, "I thought I misheard! Brilliant!!"

A sixth Twitter user expressed, "Catherine Tate dropping in the 'allons-y' for all the Doctor Who fans there!"

"I freaked out when she said that," admitted another fan, while a final Twitter user shared a similar reaction, exclaiming, "In the moment she said that, I escalated."

Even the BBC joined in, as the official BBC Eurovision account commented on the flawlessly executed reference.

"Catherine Tate," they posted with a crying laughing emoji, "but did we expect anything less?!"

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