Couple uses alcohol measurer to check if all inclusive resorts water down drinks

If you have secured a low-cost all-inclusive vacation for this summer and are concerned about the quality and quantity of alcoholic beverages you'll receive for your hard-earned money, a TikTok 'science' experiment conducted by the Cheap Holiday Expert, also known as Chelsea Dickenson, may surprise you.
The advocate for affordable travel is committed to providing her 88.7K TikTok followers with great deals, but not at the expense of their enjoyment.

After all, nobody wants their vacation mojito to be a disappointment.

Therefore, Chelsea and her partner James decided to conduct a little investigation using their trusty 'alcohol measurer,' known as a 'refractometer,' as informed by the comments section.
They took a small amount of the clear liquid, presumably vodka, from a 'cheap all-inclusive hotel' using a pipette and placed it on the refractometer, expecting it to indicate an alcohol by volume (ABV) of '37.5%'.

They performed the experiment twice, and both times the results showed a slightly lower ABV of 33%.

So, does this mean we have been deceived with watered-down cocktails by the poolside?

Probably not.

Chelsea asks her partner James, the 'scientist,' why the ABV could be a few percentages off.

To their surprise, James explains, "The accuracy can be affected by temperature."

But what does that actually mean?

"It means that I don't believe they are diluting the drinks," concludes James.

The couple also mentions that they observed the bartender breaking the seal of new bottles.

"I can confidently say that they are not watering down the drinks at this place," Chelsea asserts.

"There is no dilution happening here," she concludes from the experiment.

James adds, "These people are honest," as they celebrate the findings with a shot of the strong spirit.
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