Coles has apologised for an “offensive” Mother’s Day display in one of its supermarkets that was filled with gift ideas that left shoppers less than impressed.
A photo showing an aisle at an Adelaide store shows a shelf filled brimming with cleaning products and sanitary items under a series of signs that read: “More for Mum.”

The snap has angered Australians, particularly women, with many claiming it was “wrong” on a number of levels.

Coles described the incident as an “isolated case”, and apologised for the “unintentional human error”.

“We are grateful this has been drawn to our attention and our Coles team in Adelaide apologises for this error,” a spokesperson for the supermarket said.

“This was an unintentional human error where recently discontinued products, including sanitary and cleaning supplies were placed along the seasonal ‘flex aisle’.

“Celebrating Mothers and Mother figures is such an important occasion at Coles and we are committed to providing the best value and range of gifts to make this weekend extra special.”
Despite this, some labelled the supermarket’s display “offensive” and “sexist to the core”.

“Don’t know what’s worse, the fabric softener down the bottom or the period undies on the top shelf,” one woman lamented.

“I can’t even look at this offensive photo,” another stated.

As one raged: “This is disgraceful.”

The snap, originally taken by a local resident and shared to an Adelaide Instagram page, was also heavily mocked by social media users – many teasing their mum would “never pay” the current price of cleaning products.

“The Vanish isn’t even on sale! Mum would be livid if I paid $25,” one commented.

“The fabric softener isn’t even that good a price,” another scoffed.

As one wrote: “l have to send the kids there to pick up my present, can’t wait to find out if I’m doing laundry or disinfecting the bathroom for Mother’s Day.”
It’s sadly not the first time the supermarket has come under fire for this, with shoppers calling out the supermarket for including washing powder in a Mother’s Day gift display in 2020.

“Washing powder. In the Mother’s Day section. Are you f*****g kidding me Coles?” a woman wrote on Facebook at the time, alongside a photo of the “sexist” display.

Coles apologised at the time, stating it was “not our intention to offend customers” and promised to ensure it would “review” displays in future.

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