Chuck Norris says he 'doesn't need DNA' to accept his daughter after 26 years of not knowing her

Chuck Norris, an 83-year-old individual with a remarkable life journey, has encountered numerous diverse experiences. Renowned as an American hero, martial artist, and actor, he has also become a living meme. As he embraced retirement and sought tranquility alongside his family, unexpected news came his way.
This news unveiled the existence of a love child, who had recently revealed themselves to Chuck Norris after 26 years. Despite lacking any prior knowledge of this individual, Chuck wholeheartedly decided to embrace them with open arms.

Chuck Norris tied the knot with his first wife, Dianne Holechek, whom he fell in love with during their time as high school sweethearts. Their deep connection led them to marry in December 1958, a mere six months after their graduation from North Torrance High School, where their affectionate relationship first bloomed.
The couple remained happily married for three decades, during which they were blessed with two sons, namely Mike (now 60 years old) and Eric (now 57 years old). Despite their eventual divorce in 1988, Chuck Norris still cherishes positive memories of Dianne Holechek and speaks highly of her. The renowned actor acknowledged her unwavering support for his aspirations, even during challenging financial times.

Chuck Norris expressed, "She consistently offered her support for my goals. She never complained, even when we faced financial hardships."

However, in a surprising revelation within his 2004 biography, Norris startled his fans by admitting to an extramarital affair that resulted in the birth of a love child. He confessed to being unfaithful to Holechek in 1962, which led to the birth of his daughter named Dina Morris. Nevertheless, Norris remained oblivious to Dina's existence until she reached out to him in 1991 at the age of 26, revealing herself to be his biological daughter.
During his time serving in the US Air Force in California, Norris openly admitted to engaging in a brief romantic encounter with a woman named Johanna. Their passionate encounter took place in the back of a car, resulting in the conception of Dina. Norris holds deep regret for his actions and acknowledges the shame he feels for having deceived Johanna, stating, "Regrettably, I never disclosed to Johanna that I was married."

Despite receiving cautionary advice from her mother, Johanna, Dina was determined to establish contact with Norris, and she did just that. Norris agreed to meet both Dina and Johanna, leading to an intensely emotional and unforgettable moment.

Norris vividly recalled the moment when his eyes met his daughter's, expressing, "I didn't require any DNA or blood tests."

Instead, they embraced, and both of them were overcome with tears. From that point onward, their bond was established, and their relationship has only grown stronger with time.

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