Bus driver wins £1 million on scratch card while waiting for kebab

Have you ever experienced something remarkable while waiting for a kebab? Perhaps receiving a generous serving by mistake instead of the usual size? Or maybe striking up a new friendship at the takeaway? How about winning a staggering £1 million?
While it's unlikely that many individuals can identify with the last scenario, there is a 51-year-old man named Steve Goodwin from Holsworthy in South Devon who can.
Goodwin, who earns his living as a bus driver, was going about his usual routine on a typical day. He made a quick stop at the Co-Op to grab some miscellaneous items, but his hunger led him to the neighboring kebab shop to satisfy his craving for a doner.

While waiting for his order, he decided to take a detour to the supermarket to purchase bread and other necessities before making his way to the checkout counter.

"In that moment, I impulsively decided to purchase a scratchcard and scratched it off outside," Goodwin recounted. "When I saw the final number on the card was 73, I couldn't help but hope that it signified a substantial win."

And indeed, his hopes came true as he emerged victorious with a staggering £1 million prize.

Without wasting any time, Goodwin hurried back into the shop to proudly display his Bank The Cash scratch card to the staff, who verified his win and advised him to contact The National Lottery.
Goodwin provided further details, stating, "I had taken a bit longer than anticipated, so I entered the kebab shop, collected my doner, and drove home. However, I can't recall much of the journey since I was overwhelmed with emotions. I must admit, I shed a tear or two."

"Upon reaching my kitchen, I attempted to eat my kebab but found it impossible. Eventually, I simply disposed of it in the bin."

Feeling the urgency to make an important call, Goodwin approached his landlady and requested the use of her landline. With her permission granted, he dialed the National Lottery to notify them of his life-changing win.

Although his victory had been confirmed, Goodwin didn't immediately make any drastic changes to his daily routine. Instead, he reported to work as usual the following day for his customary shift, shuttling passengers between Launceston and Plymouth.

"As passengers boarded the bus, I couldn't help but chuckle to myself," he reminisced. "Here I was, an ordinary bus driver with a bus full of passengers, completely unaware that I had become a millionaire."
Goodwin expressed his fondness for his job, stating, "I absolutely love my job. It's fantastic to meet such a diverse range of people, and the scenic countryside that unfolds during my drives is often breathtaking. The colleagues at my depot have been incredibly supportive since I joined as the new team member."

"When my colleagues discovered that I had won, their happiness for me knew no bounds. They couldn't be more thrilled on my behalf."

Goodwin and his girlfriend, Heidi Hammond, have already begun planning a well-deserved celebration for their newfound fortune, which includes a vacation. Additionally, the bus driver has indulged himself with the purchase of a brand-new car.

Considering that he has rented throughout his entire life, Goodwin intends to allocate a substantial portion of his winnings toward acquiring a new home.

"I've never had much in my life. I've always been a tenant, simply spending my money on a place to live. This win changes everything," he explained. "For the first time ever, we will have a home without a mortgage and still have enough funds for our retirement."

"We both intend to continue working, with Heidi included, but we have plans for more vacations. Being debt-free now is simply unbelievable, and this windfall serves as a wonderful nest egg for our future retirement."

"All in all, life is pretty great."

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