Britain's youngest billionaire who started business aged 19 named as one of the richest people under 35

The fourth position on The Times Rich List for individuals under 35 years old belongs to Britain's youngest billionaire.

Furthermore, he has predominantly amassed his wealth independently by establishing his own business at the age of 19.

It is important to recognize two aspects here. Firstly, no individual can truly be considered a 'self-made billionaire' since they still rely on the support and dedication of numerous other individuals to achieve their success.
Additionally, Forbes initially recognized him as a billionaire, utilizing the American currency as their reference.

However, when converting his wealth to British pounds and pence, he is categorized as a multi-multi-multi-millionaire rather than a billionaire.

His fortune amounts to approximately £900 million when evaluated in UK currency.

Undoubtedly, he must feel significantly affected by this realization.

Nonetheless, Ben Francis has the advantage of time on his side.
Gymshark was initially launched by Francis in his parents' garage near Birmingham, where he started with a sewing machine gifted to him by his grandmother. However, he swiftly transformed the business into one of the world's leading fitness brands, worn by global celebrities and now available in exclusive Gymshark stores and online.

Considering that he is only 30 years old, his achievements are quite remarkable.

The company, specializing in sports and fitness, remains headquartered in Solihull and continues to thrive and expand.

With a valuation surpassing one billion pounds, Francis' 70 percent stake in the business holds substantial value.

Not too long ago, he sold a 21 percent stake to the private equity firm General Atlantic for $300 million (£240 million).

In 2022, Gymshark marked another milestone with the opening of its first store exclusively dedicated to the Gymshark brand on London's Regent Street.

However, Francis has encountered challenges along the way.

In 2020, a video surfaced showing Francis seemingly consuming white powder with friends, leading to widespread speculation. He had to address these allegations and eventually issued a statement expressing remorse for a foolish mistake he made as a young person four years prior.

Nonetheless, this setback did not hinder Gymshark's progress. Since then, both the company and Francis have experienced continuous improvement.

In other rankings on the list of wealthy individuals under the age of 35, the Duke of Westminster holds the top position. Inheriting a significant amount of land and property at the age of 25, he currently possesses a fortune worth £9.878 billion.
Following the mentioned individuals, we have Lady Charlotte Wellesley, another member of the aristocratic class who inherited a substantial wealth and possesses a fortune of £2.167 billion.

Entrepreneur Johnny Boufarhat, originally from Australia, is also worth over £1.7 billion as the creator of the virtual event platform Hopin.

While there are other notable names listed below Francis and the aforementioned individuals, none of them can rival the fortune of the Gymshark owner and those ranked above him.

Ed Sheeran holds a wealth of £300 million, golfer Rory McIlroy possesses £200 million, and Adele has accumulated £165 million.

Further down the list, we find personalities such as Harry Styles, Daniel Radcliffe, Dua Lipa, and Gareth Bale.

Perhaps if they aspire to compete on the same financial level, they should consider establishing their own fitness apparel brands.

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