Biohacker, 45, who spends $2m a year trying to de-age himself gets injected with the blood of teenage son

Bryan Johnson, a man who annually invests millions of dollars in his pursuit to combat his biological aging, has recently embarked on an unconventional endeavor.
He has long been driven to reverse the effects of time:

After adhering strictly to a diet and exercise regimen, the technology tycoon has successfully managed to reduce the impact of accumulated years.

However, the 45-year-old entrepreneur has recently disclosed his latest endeavor in the pursuit of uncovering the key to everlasting youth: undergoing injections of his teenage son's blood.

Having previously undergone blood transfusions with an unfamiliar donor, Bryan has now repeated the process with his 17-year-old son, Talmage, and his father, Richard, who is 70 years old.

The three generations of the Johnson family traveled to a clinic located in Dallas, where Richard and Talmage had approximately one liter of blood extracted. This blood was then processed into separate batches of plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets.
Following the extraction, Talmage's plasma was subsequently administered into his father with the hopeful intention of repairing any cellular damage and revitalizing his blood.

Drawing attention to a container brimming with his plasma, Bryan remarked, "Take a look at this. This is how you can determine if I'm deceiving or not. The color is impressive. It's immaculate."

The notion that plasma derived from younger individuals can enhance the well-being of older generations has been circulating for some time.

Previous studies on this subject have been conducted on mice; however, experts argue that the results are inconclusive and caution against reckless experimentation on humans.

Charles Brenner, a biochemist at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles, expressed, "We have not acquired sufficient knowledge to propose this as a viable treatment for humans in any capacity. In my opinion, it is unsubstantiated, lacking evidence, and relatively hazardous."
Nonetheless, Bryan's team strongly believes that this approach could contribute to his ultimate objective of reversing his biological age.

Moreover, the billionaire emphasizes that this decision was not made impulsively. "We prioritize evidence-based practices," he asserted. "Our actions are guided by factual data, not mere intuition."

In previous discussions about his rigorous health regimen, which he refers to as 'Project Blueprint,' Bryan disclosed notable advancements he has observed in various aspects of his body.

"For instance, my left ear is biologically 64, according to my fitness tests, I possess the vitality of an 18-year-old, my heart's biological age is 37, and my diaphragm exhibits the strength of an 18-year-old," he shared with the BBC, acknowledging that different body parts may exhibit varying degrees of aging.

In a playful manner, he quipped, "I jokingly say that I aspire to become like an 18-year-old. Since my son is 17, I often tease him by saying, 'When I become younger, I want to be just like you'."

Furthermore, Bryan has made a commitment to publish the outcomes of his blood transfusion in the forthcoming months.

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