Antiques Roadshow viewers baffled as man brings Nike Air Jordans on the show

Get ready to bring out your old sneakers because they might have some value!

That's precisely what a sneaker enthusiast did recently when he chose to exhibit his extensive assortment of sneakers to Antiques Roadshow specialist Mark Hill.

Although the collection held a significant monetary worth, fans were somewhat underwhelmed by the sentimental sneaker exhibition.
Comprising more than 850 pairs, a significant collection was showcased at Belmont House, Kent, with some items contributed by a guest.

Amidst the vibrant array of shoes, the guest guided Hill through his assortment, highlighting a particular pair of Reeboks produced in collaboration with McLaren: "Among the earliest in my collection, these Reeboks were worn in the '92 championship races. They are a limited edition with only approximately 42 pairs made for the pit crew."

However, the segment didn't solely feature these intriguing items.
"If you're based in the US, you might be familiar with Jordan's. Here, I have a pair of B'red Jordan 1's," he informed the viewers.

"In the past, the NBA had restrictions on the colors you could wear, and these shoes were released to catch people's attention and defy those rules."

Displaying the pristine sneakers still adorned with their original tags, he continued, "Michael Jordan wore them in every game and got fined, which is why these shoes are highly sought after. I bought them new for £120, but now they would fetch around £850."

Interestingly, this NBA regulation was even mentioned in the movie Air, where Vaccaro (played by Matt Damon) assured that Nike would cover any fines incurred by Jordan for wearing these sneakers, further emphasizing their historical significance.

While Hill acknowledged that it was an "evolving field" in the world of antiques, the viewers watching at home weren't entirely convinced by the appraisal provided by the Antiques Roadshow expert.
In fact, the episode has gained some traction on Twitter, with users playfully mocking the notion of a relatively modern "antique."

One astonished user shared several screenshots from the episode, commenting, "Just look at how much #antiquesroadshow values keeping them in pristine condition."

Others chimed in, with one person joking, "Trainers featured on Antiques Roadshow?! What's next? An old Domino's pizza box?"

However, not everyone was dismissive of these collectibles, and some found the inclusion of more contemporary items refreshing.

"Trainers on the Antiques Roadshow! Way to go," tweeted one enthusiastic viewer.

It seems not everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to recognizing modern antiques.

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