Angelina Jolie shares insights into the 'captivating journey' she experienced alongside Denzel Washington.

Angelina Jolie has shared details about her profound connection and journey with Denzel Washington while working together.

In the 1999 thriller film, "The Bone Collector," Jolie portrayed a police officer who develops a romantic involvement with a quadriplegic forensics expert played by Washington.
The storyline revolves around a serial killer, with the officer and expert joining forces to solve the case. Jolie emphasized the significance of the emotional bond between their characters, stating that it was more about building intimacy than physicality, which greatly contributed to the development of the plot.

In an interview during the promotion of her film "Girl, Interrupted" in 1999, Jolie expressed how stimulating it was to seduce someone mentally and described their character's journey as the most intense experience, equating it to the best sex she ever had. However, the film also took a toll on Jolie, with her feeling a sense of loneliness and questioning her own capabilities.
Despite the challenges, her dedication paid off as "Girl, Interrupted" propelled her to stardom, leading to subsequent blockbuster roles like Lara Croft in the "Tomb Raider" series.

Jolie admitted initially turning down the role, but after undergoing extensive training and self-discovery, she realized her potential and embraced the opportunities that came her way.

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