Amanda Holden regretted affair behind 'saviour' Les Dennis' back but insisted all women cheat for a reason

Amanda Holden has acknowledged her remorse for her secret affair with Neil Morrissey while she was married to Les Dennis, emphasizing that women often have underlying reasons for infidelity.
Holden, who is currently 52 years old, and Dennis, who is 69, were married from 1995 to 2003 after meeting during a stage production of The Sound of Music.

Despite the significant age difference of 17 years (with Dennis being 40 and Holden 23 at the time), their relationship eventually unraveled in 2000 when her involvement with Morrissey came to light. They officially separated in 2002 and finalized their divorce a year later.

Their previous history came to light recently when Holden uploaded a picture taken at a bar, accompanied by the caption "Paris."

A few hours later, Dennis shared his own photo from his dressing room with the comment: "Not in Paris. In Leicester."
The post, prompted by his current role in the musical 42nd Street in the historic city of Leicester, has gained significant attention and gone viral, with many perceiving it as a lighthearted and amusing jab at his former spouse.

Holden has previously opened up about the aftermath of her affair with actor Neil Morrissey, renowned for his role in Men Behaving Badly, describing it as the most difficult period in her life.

In an interview with the Express in 2009, she expressed, "I struggled immensely with the sudden loss of reputation. It was incredibly challenging for me to bear being disliked. Overnight, I transformed into this terrible person due to the affair."

She further added, "There are no lingering hard feelings with Les. I genuinely wish him well, but we have both moved forward with our lives."
Holden also shared with the Daily Mail, acknowledging, "I take responsibility for my actions, I understand that, but nothing will ever be as dreadful as that again. It was an extremely dark period. There were moments when it felt like I could barely breathe."

"Oddly enough, Les became my savior. So, the person I had hurt the most in the world was the one who stood by me."

Holden entered into her second marriage with Chris Hughes in 2008 and now has two children with the record producer.

In another interview with Good Housekeeping in 2013, the judge of Britain's Got Talent also came to the defense of Morrissey, mentioning that he had faced significant criticism during that time.
She expressed, "I firmly believe that women do not engage in affairs without a reason. We, as women, seek love and validation rather than solely seeking sex. If a woman has an affair, it usually indicates an issue within her marriage. Neil faced a considerable amount of criticism, whether justified or not."

"I feel responsible for the situation since I was the one who was married. I strive to alter the prevailing perception of him because he was genuinely caring, affectionate, and concerned about my well-being. He took care of me, cooked for me, and even looked after me when I lost a significant amount of weight. He also took care of our dogs."

"We were thrust together when I ended or, at least, moved out of the marriage. The public attention prolonged our relationship beyond what it would have been otherwise, as we had no one else to lean on."

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