Adult star Riley Reid says she's lost family over her X-rated job

Riley Reid, an adult film actress, has stated that her X-rated profession has resulted in strained relationships with her family members, as many of them find it difficult to accept her line of work. Ashley Mathews, the 31-year-old star's real name, explained that being involved in the adult film industry can pose challenges in various aspects of life, such as dating and starting a family.
A video that has resurfaced on Twitter, shared by media company Censored Men, shows her becoming emotional as she explains the difficulties she has faced. She expresses her sorrow over losing her entire family, describing it as a challenging experience.

When asked about whether others should pursue a career in pornography, she advises against it, emphasizing the hardships it brings to various aspects of life, such as dating, family relationships, and intimacy. She mentions the constant judgment and shaming from the public that one must be prepared to endure.

Mathews, who became a mother to her first child with husband Pasha Petkuns last year, also shares that her experiences in the adult film industry have discouraged her from considering parenthood.
"I have concerns about having children because of my involvement in the adult film industry and how people would treat my child," she expressed.

She further shared her personal experience, stating that her mother initially supported her career choice and allowed her a lot of freedom. However, as she achieved success, she began to feel that her mother was using her to attain a more lavish lifestyle. When she established boundaries and stopped providing financial support, their relationship became strained, bordering on toxic. This situation is disheartening for her.
"I no longer have a relationship with my mother; we don't communicate. I miss having a mother, and it's a feeling that cannot be undone or reversed.

"The bond I used to share with her is now nonexistent. I don't believe that it will ever be repaired, and that saddens me greatly."

Mathews also mentioned that her father also finds it challenging to accept her profession in the adult film industry.

"In addition, he is a religious person," she included.

"Recently, I expressed my desire to visit him, but he informed me that I am not welcome to come because his wife, my stepmother, disapproves of my involvement in the adult film industry. I am now prohibited from seeing my father due to my stepmother's disapproval.

"Furthermore, when I suggested meeting up for coffee or breakfast, he responded by saying, 'I don't want to be seen in public with you,' and that deeply hurt me. It is an incredibly painful and unfortunate situation."
"I have distanced myself from my family; I no longer have contact with my brothers or sisters. It seems that they either attempted to exploit me or share the same sentiment as my father, choosing to keep their distance from me."

In a video shared on Instagram earlier this month, following her concerns about parenthood, she passionately appealed to individuals to refrain from being unkind towards her baby, who was born in November 2022.

"It astonishes me how many people leave hurtful comments about my baby. It's truly baffling. I implore you to mature and cease being unkind to an innocent child."

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