A shocking video shows a man rescuing a baby in a stroller from rolling into a busy highway.

A man has been praised for being in the right place at the right time when he saved baby in a stroller from almost rolling directly into busy traffic on a nearby highway.
Watch the shocking moment below:

A heart-pounding moment was caught on camera as a man rushed to save a baby in a stroller from rolling into a busy highway.
The viral video, shared on Monday (1 May), shows a woman, whose relationship to the baby is unknown, falling to the ground while trying to reach the stroller parked by her car in Hesperia, California.

As the stroller rolls towards the highway, the hero of the video, later identified as Ron Nessman, races in and saves the baby just in time. Nessman, who had been homeless for several years before living with his sister, Donna Gunderson, said he instinctively ran towards the stroller and dived before it entered the traffic.
He also shared that the woman had injured her knees and was crying when he helped her up. After the video went viral, viewers expressed their shock and gratitude for Nessman's heroic actions.

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