A delightful two-year-old "sings" the blues, amusing his dad with his harmonica skills and causing laughter.

The blues can affect anyone, even toddlers. And for 2-year-old Luca, the perfect way to deal with it is through an adorable jam session with his dad!
In the endearing video provided below, we witness young Luca positioned in front of a microphone. Shortly thereafter, his dad begins playing the guitar. With his father's support, Luca confidently sings his heart out.

Though we may not fully understand Luca's words, he clearly knows how to express himself to the world. His infectious enthusiasm is immediately captivating.
Not content to just stand and sing the blues, the toddler revealed another talent: playing the harmonica!

At intervals during the adorable jam session, Luca stops to enthusiastically blow on his harmonica.
While the intended lyrics of Luca’s song are up for debate, one thing’s for certain: if Luca’s proud dad continues to showcase and encourage his son’s love of music, it’s possible this may be one of the earliest video recordings of a future music star!

Check out the heart-warming music session below (be warned: It’s a little loud. You may want to turn your volume down), and definitely share “Luca’s blues session” with your friends!

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