Winning the London Marathon...for 10 seconds! Moment man SPRINTS at the start of the 26-mile race to lead - before the pros quickly overtake him

A man who lead the London Marathon for just 10 seconds has been hailed a 'legend' on social media.
The determined competitor took the opportunity to undercut his fellow runners and rush to the front for a brief moment of glory as the starting gun was fired on the 26-mile race on Sunday. The unknown man, charging to the front at an unsustainable pace. managed to hold the lead for 10 seconds before the race's professional athletes quickly overtook him.
However, alongside video footage of him leading the marathon, he's also become a social media star, despite his impressive placing abruptly ending within the first 20 seconds of the race.

His efforts certainly didn't go unnoticed, as people have taken to social media to highlight the man's success.

One user wrote: 'Some guy at the start of London marathon sprinting past the elite athletes to have his moment leading the race, geeing up the crowd once for the full 10 seconds he was there #LondonMarathon.'

Whereas another penned: 'Lol some d*** in the London marathon sprinting at the start to get in the lead for a few seconds.

'Aye son, eh led the London marathon back in the day.'
The runners began their 26.2 mile journey in Blackheath - runners will be able to catch a glimpse of Embankment and the London Eye along the route.

More than 58,000 people put their name down this year - the oldest was 90-year-old David Picksley and the youngest, who just turned 18 yesterday, was Lana Dales

Today marks the 43rd race since the Marathon started in 1981, and it marks the first time that competitors could register as non-binary.

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