Wife Raves About ‘Handsome’ Husband In Video After Critics Dub Her Too Attractive For Him

Scott and Divine, a couple from Texas who met online in 2017, have faced criticism from trolls who doubted the authenticity of their relationship.

Some internet users believed that Divine, who is from the Philippines, was too attractive to be with her husband. Despite this, the couple has persevered through the negative comments and even allowed cameras into their home for a Truly video in August 2022 to address the controversy.

Scott revealed that they have strong supporters but also face frequent bashing from online critics who accuse Divine of being a gold digger or wanting a green card. The couple remains unshaken and frequently posts heartwarming TikTok videos that showcase their strong bond.
Before meeting Divine, Scott described his life as "completely stagnant." He had also been struggling with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the skin and other parts of the body. Despite being advised against flying due to his low oxygen levels, Scott defied expectations for the sake of love.

In early 2023, Scott and Divine shared a lighthearted TikTok video in response to negative comments from critics. One comment had stated that Scott was not attractive, to which Divine responded by pulling him closer and saying that he was handsome and the most attractive person she knew.
Unfortunately, their critics continued to leave negative comments, accusing Scott of being with Divine for her wallet and green card. However, many viewers showed support for the couple, saying that they should ignore the negativity and focus on their love. One fan even praised Scott's confidence and sense of humor, stating that these qualities are what many women desire.

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