Veteran adult film star shares reason why she's given up sex scenes with male stars

Award-winning adult performer Julia Ann shared her experiences working with both men and women in the industry and told podcaster Holly Randall why she prefers the latter
An award-winning porn star has revealed the downside of shooting with men as she's got older.

Julia Ann, who starred in her first adult film in 1992, shared on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast some of her personal experiences at work and how she makes her marriage work.

She also revealed she has stopped working with male actors and only shoots scenes with porn actresses.

And it happened on the heels of her marriage, but she denied that it had anything to do with her now husband, who she met outside the industry.
"As a woman who was getting older and one who hates the gym, I was finding that I couldn't control where my fat was going in a scene with guys," Julia said.

"This is my reality and no bullsh*t.

"When I have sex with a girl, I can position myself, I can work it a certain way, I can be a little bit more 'oh how you doing today'.
"But when a guy's behind you, it's just [doink doink doink] and stuff is just happening and I can feel it happening."

At the age of 53, the porn star admitted she has become "insecure" and "scared" of wrinkles appearing on her body.

Holly shared her thoughts and replied: "I understand and especially with more seasoned guys, they will move you around into whatever position you want, to open you up on camera - that's great when you're thin and little and petite and look good from every angle."
And Julia said: "Yeah and after menopause, your body moves separate from itself."

The adult performer is highly celebrated within the sex industry, even being inducted into Brazzer's Hall of Fame in 2023.

She also discussed how swingers manage similar feelings of jealousy.

She said emotional infidelity – where she was close to another person – might make her husband jealous, but the “animalistic act” of sex doesn’t affect him at all.

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