TikToker bursts into tears after strangers reject her offer to buy their groceries

After offering to pay for strangers' groceries as a kind gesture, a TikToker named Amelia Goldsmith, or Milly for short, was left in tears when she was repeatedly turned down.
The British fitness influencer filmed herself at her local Sainsbury's, a well-known grocery store in the UK, attempting to spread joy by approaching people and offering to pay for their purchases.

Her video has since become viral on the social media platform.

However, right from the start of the video, it was obvious that this didn't go quite as she was hoping.

Have a look for yourselves:

Milly explains in a voiceover that her intention was to do a kind deed by buying someone's groceries.

The clip includes scenes of her weeping while using public transport. Later in the day, Milly appears enthusiastic as she walks through the grocery store's parking lot and enters the store.

She expresses her nervousness and hopes that the recipient does not perceive her as strange.

Her statement during the voiceover conveys that she wanted to uplift someone's spirits as it was Wednesday.

However, things took a turn for the worse quickly. Milly approached a man in a store and offered to pay for his groceries, but he declined her offer. A second person also refused, stating that there were more deserving people in the world.

These rejections left Milly feeling embarrassed and judged, and the negative responses continued. One stranger looked at her with disdain, causing her to break down in tears and feel overwhelmed.

Despite this, Milly decided to buy pasta and sauces and donate them to a local food bank to help those in need.

She expressed happiness that the food would go to those who really needed it but remained overwhelmed by the experience.

Milly was the recipient of a kind act that garnered thousands of comments aimed at uplifting her spirits. However, one user cautioned against visiting Balham due to the high cost of living in the area.

Another user expressed their own reluctance to visit Balham due to concerns about being perceived as financially disadvantaged, as well as being deterred by the filming taking place in the area.
"Sainsburys is way too middle class. Go to asda/ aldi/ iceland where people will really need it," another suggested, while this user also agreed, saying: "It probably didn’t work because of the type of clientele that particular area has. People in my area would be extremely grateful for this."
Others praised Milly for at least trying.

"Honestly so proud of you for doing that and sharing this. The lesson here is others behaviour or response is never a reflection of your goodwill + worth."

"You're an angel," this TikToker commented.
Milly ultimately came to the conclusion that regardless of the result, she felt an immense sense of pride for attempting to perform a kind deed.

It is evident that the world would benefit from having more individuals like Milly.

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