TikTok Mom Says Her Baby Is Being Raised by His Teen Parents & All Their Friends

There are some sayings that we repeat so often that they can become a bit hackneyed. But there’s one adage about child-rearing that will always ring true, no matter how many people say it: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Of course, before you’re a parent, it sounds like a sweet theory.

But once you’re in the thick of it, you realize that the people who help you raise your children — whether they’re family members, babysitters, day care providers, or teachers — they are absolutely vital. The village ensures that not only are our children more well-adjusted, but having the extra help can do wonders for a parent as well.

If any parents need support, it's teen parents.

That need for support is compounded when you consider the lives and needs of teen parents. As a teenager, there are a lot of exciting things happening that you want to be a part of: parties, prom, graduation, just hanging out with no responsibilities. But having a baby can mean potentially missing out on some of those teen milestones.

Thankfully, at least one set of teen parents on TikTok have a solid group of friends who are there to help carry the load.

This baby is being raised by two teen parents and all their friends.

In a TikTok video, teen mother Kaylee Adams shared her life from her son’s point of view. The text she included over the video reads, “Ur being raised by two teen parents & their friends." Underneath the words is a picture of more than 20 teenagers. The rest of the video is a slideshow of an adorable baby boy being held and coddled by all of those friends.

'He's very loved,' Kay wrote.

He smiles at the camera as he’s being hoisted into the air by one friend. He poses in front of Christmas lights with another. In one photo, he seems to be engaged in an intense chat with another family friend while he lies on his back on a blanket in the living room. Other kids hold him during outdoor gatherings, in a restaurant, at the pool, in parking lots, and in various homes.

The baby looks so comfortable with all of them, you can't even tell who his actual parents are. The baby looks equally comfortable with each person. And it’s beautiful. In the caption for the video, the mom writes, “Let’s just say he’s very loved.”

The baby looked so comfortable, it was hard to tell who were the parents and who weren’t. And the commenters obviously felt the love.

“A way cooler full house,” one user wrote.

“They all show up for parent teacher conferences,” another wrote.

And one person encapsulated our feelings perfectly: “This support is IMMACULATE.”

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