The Chase contestant with show's record-breaking solo win had to keep £75k secret for a year

Young Eden Nash actually filmed his episode of The Chase back in 2020, just before the pandemic stopped everything.
Eden Nash, 20, shocked The Chase viewers earlier this week as he bagged himself a cash prize of £75,000 all on his own.

Host of the hit ITV quiz show Bradley Walsh was ecstatic with the win, as was chaser Darragh Ennis who called the win "well deserved".

Now, it has been revealed that while we watched the epic scenes earlier this week – on Tuesday, August 31 – the episode was actually filmed in 2020, just before the pandemic struck.

This inside knowledge was revealed by Darragh Ennis, who took to Twitter this week to congratulate the young lad on his win.
Posting on the social media platform, he wrote: "#TheChase great and well deserved win for Eden", to which Eden replied: "Thanks Darragh, top man."

The chaser then went on to write: "Eden! You legend! Sorry, you've had to sit on this for so long. Pesky pandemic. I hope you've gone nuts with the cash, well deserved!"

The solo winner told the chaser: "Don't worry, I've enjoyed myself."
The Chase was forced to stop filming when the coronavirus pandemic started, and then had to seriously change the way they filmed later on.

The show also record many shows in advance, to make sure they have enough content for the five days of a week they are showing, which also explains why Eden had to wait so long to see his big win aired on ITV.

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