Terrifying moment nurse is bitten by 220lb shark while snorkelling in the Maldives - before cleaning up her gruesome bite-marks and leaping in for a second dip

In the Maldives, a shocking incident occurred when a snorkeler, Carmen Canovas Cervello, was bitten by an eight-foot-long nurse shark while diving at Vaavu Atoll.
The dramatic footage shows the shark circling around her before attacking and leaving her with a six-inch wound on her side.
Her friend, Ibrahim Shafeeg, an underwater photographer, captured the attack on his GoPro camera. Despite the attack, Cervello cleaned the wound herself and quickly jumped back into the water with the sharks.
The incident occurred while they were swimming with the school of sharks for over 45 minutes.

Cervello and Shafeeg felt the bite was only a warning from the shark for getting too close and continued snorkeling and diving with the sharks for days without seeking any medical treatment.
Nurse sharks are common in the Vaavu Atoll region of the Maldives, and they usually seek food from the different tourist attractions surrounding the area.

While nurse sharks are usually not aggressive, their bites can be life-threatening if provoked due to their sharp teeth and strong jaw.

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