Teen’s homeless after aging out of foster care until he finds sister & her new family changes his life

Seth spent most of his life wishing for a forever family. But when he turned 18, it seemed like his dream would never come true.
It is difficult to fathom the hardships that a child without a permanent family must endure. The situation becomes even more unbearable when there are unsuccessful attempts at adoption.

The majority of children in the US foster system have one desire: to find a genuine family that they can call their own. Unfortunately, for a significant number of kids, this dream never becomes a reality. Statistics show that approximately 20,000 children "age out" of the foster system each year, meaning they are left to start their lives from scratch without any support.
Seth Miller faced this harsh reality a few years ago when he turned 18 and was no longer eligible for the foster care system. Seth had been placed for adoption as a toddler but suffered a failed adoption in his childhood. Consequently, he spent about a decade in unsatisfactory foster homes. He realized he had nobody to turn to when he became an adult and was forced to accept that he was homeless, living in his car.

During an interview with USA Today, Seth explained how he felt at the time: "Empty, alone, nowhere to kind of fit in [...] just an everyday kind of life, nothing really extraordinary to look forward to." He wished for nothing more than a proper family to call his own.

However, a series of fortunate events soon occurred, changing Seth's life forever. His court-appointed special advocate convinced Robert and Ara Hunt to meet Seth, who was his biological sister's brother. The Hunt family had already adopted Seth's sister, Shyann Hunt. At first, they were hesitant to meet Seth, but they decided that fear should not hold them back and made the bold move.
Once they met, they arranged for Shyann to reunite with her long-lost brother, and the reunion was an emotional one. The Hunts then invited Seth to move in with them, and although the transition period was challenging, they eventually found their rhythm as a family. A year later, the Hunts officially adopted Seth, and he changed his name to Logan Hunt in honor of the family that had given him the most precious gift of all: a place to belong.

It goes to show that it’s never too late to find a forever family.

Thankfully, Logan found his.

Logan was thrilled with his new life, and he said, "It feels awesome, like I'm at peace."

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