Teen Keeps Refusing To Clean Her Messy Room; Mom Stuffs Her Belongings Into Trash Bags

Alice Velasquez is a mom of three from Bargersville, Indiana. Like many moms with teenage girls to raise, the topic of tidiness was a common one in the Velasquez household.
Alice's daughter Tahlia had some particularly bad habits when it came to keeping her bedroom clean and tidy. No matter how many times Alice begged and pleaded with Tahlia to straighten her room, it didn't seem to matter. Tahlia kept leaving clothes, food, and electronics scattered all around, forcing Alice to just do the dirty work herself.

The frustrated mom didn't know what to do to solve the problem — until she came up with a creative way to give her daughter a hefty dose of tough love.

Alice went around the house, collecting messes and picking up whatever was put in the wrong place. Then she stuffed everything into garbage bags.

When Tahlia came home, she found a note on her bedroom door. She discovered everything she owned was now inside the pile of trash bags.

Alice said Tahlia could have her stuff back — for $25 a bag.

However, Alice placed the items into the bags exactly how she found them, without any type of organization, meaning Tahlia had no idea what was inside each one. Her clothes, electronics, and the athletic gear she needed for soccer games were haphazardly distributed.

And that wasn't all the unconventional punishment entailed.

Thinking her friends would be amused by her idea, Alice posted some photos of the stuffed trash bags on Facebook. She never expected the reaction she was about to receive from people all over the world.

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