Savannah Chrisley was angered when she was removed from a plane for being an 'unruly passenger'.

The recent months have been difficult for the Chrisley family due to their involvement in court controversies, imprisonment, and a recent incident on an airline. Savannah Chrisley, a star of the reality show "Chrisley Knows Best," took to Instagram to express her frustration towards Southwest Airlines, who accused her of being an "unruly passenger" following an altercation with a male flight attendant.
The 25-year-old celebrity shared with her followers that during her flight from New York to Tennessee on Thursday (April 20), she was asked to leave the plane due to a dispute over her carry-on luggage.

She frustratedly explained the scenario in a series of videos uploaded to her Instagram stories this week.

In a video, Chrisley expressed her understanding of why people dislike Southwest Airlines, describing it as the "worst thing in the entire world".

She zoomed in on a flight attendant at her gate who told her to check her bag, but she asked to take it onboard to try and fit it in the overhead bin first.

The employee refused and called her an "unruly passenger". A pilot then offered to help, but the flight attendant told him to stay out of it and said that Chrisley was not flying on the flight. Chrisley admitted to calling the staff member an "a**hole" and explained that she needed to get back home to her 10-year-old niece, whom she has full custody of.

She also stated that the pilot was attractive. After the staff member said he didn't care if she got home to her niece, she told him she hoped he would find a better purpose in life. Chrisley is the legal guardian of her niece and younger brother after her parents were convicted of federal tax fraud.

On January 17, her parents reported to their individual prison locations for their convictions, which included wire fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to commit bank fraud.
Todd was sentenced to 12 years and has reported to Federal Correctional Institution Pensacola in Florida while Julie is currently serving seven years and was sent to Federal Medical Center Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky.

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