New live-action movie posters have been released, and 'Little Mermaid' enthusiasts are calling for 'justice for Flounder'.

After getting a glimpse of the upcoming live-action movie, fans of The Little Mermaid are disappointed with the appearance of Flounder.
Disney recently unveiled one-sheet posters featuring beloved characters, such as the red-haired protagonist Ariel played by Halle Bailey, the villain Ursula played by Melissa McCarthy, and Sebastian the crab voiced by Daveed Diggs, in anticipation of the movie's release next month.

The poster of the mermaid's other fish companion, Flounder - who will be voiced by Jacob Tremblay - displays him taking on a more realistic appearance of a blue fish instead of a royal angelfish.

The online community heavily ridiculed the posters, with fans expressing their disappointment in Disney's depiction of the characters.

The posters featured a fish and a crustacean, which were vastly different from the animated film's versions, on blue backgrounds. As a result, fans are now demanding justice for the characters, particularly Flounder, with some expressing their terror and discomfort upon seeing the posters.

In addition to the posters, Disney also released a new trailer that features Ariel and Flounder discovering misplaced treasure, but encountering Ursula instead, which sets off a chain of events in the story.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, McCarthy shared that her portrayal of the villain in The Little Mermaid was inspired by drag queens. The comedian, who has been a fan of drag shows for years and even performed under the persona Miss Y in the New York club scene, expressed her admiration for the art form and the entertainment it provides.

McCarthy revealed that there is a drag queen within her and that she strives to incorporate the humor, sadness, and edginess of Ursula into her performance, which is something she values in a character and a drag queen. The Little Mermaid will be released in theaters on May 26.

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