'Never been so disturbed in my life!': Netflix viewers left 'traumatised' by ‘terrifying’ science fiction horror film Splice

Netflix users have proclaimed themselves 'traumatised for life' after watching the streaming service's new horror film Splice.
Despite its original release in 2010, the creepy science fiction horror film has left fans squirming in their seats after its debut on the streamer at the end of March.

The flick focuses on a young scientific couple who attempt to introduce human DNA into their work of slicing animal genes.

After some success, Elsa and Clive, played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody, are asked to discontinue the experiment by the scientific body they work for.

After Elsa insists they continue, they follow their plans in secret and develop a female creature.
The hybrid - which has a tail and wings of unspecific animal origin, and hands with three fingers - continues to age much faster than humans and mentally develops like a human child.

Growing some attachment to the creature, Elsa names Dren, and the couple act as its default parents.

However, after moving the creature to an isolated farm, Dren gets bored of confinement, and this is when things start to go wrong.

Taking to Twitter, one user said of the flick: 'This movie made me physically ill.'

Another said: Just watched Splice, never felt so disturbed in my life,' while a third said: 'This movie will forever haunt me.'

'I was traumatised by this movie', one said.

Another agreed: 'I don't know why they decided to let that traumatic movie available for all.'

While a sixth concluded: 'The most f***ed up movie I've ever watched. Splice. It's on Netflix.'
A seventh added: 'People on TikTok are just finding out about the movie Splice and besties I'm still in therapy over that ending. Please save yourselves'.

Elsewhere on Netflix, viewers were left so scared they were unable to sleep after watching the series Haunted.

The anthology show focuses on the horror stories of people who have experienced strange paranormal activity - from a house of horrors to a demon cat who haunts a home with strange howls and hisses.

All three series are available to view on the streaming platform - but fans of the show have taken to Twitter saying those who do watch, will be 'terrified for the rest of your life'.

Each season has six episodes. In the first episode of series one, the narrator describes being revived by a defibrillator after being medically declared dead from dehydration and heat stroke.

Episode two, named The Slaughterhouse, follows the story of two sisters who grow up terrified in a house of horrors, where their sadistic father does unimaginable things.
Those who have watched it have taken to Twitter to warn others about the terrifying nature of the show.

'Watched too many #hauntednetflix and now I’m too scared to sleep', one wrote.

Another added: 'Why did I watch #hauntednetflix right before bed. I mean, there are hundreds of shows I could have started from the beginning yet here I am.'

A third viewer chimed: 'Ok that last episode of season 2 Haunted, scared the c**p outta me! That face was so gd creepy! Omg I was gonna go to bed but hell no. Watching Fist of Fury first so I have good dreams of Bruce Lee.'

While another added: 'If y’all want to be absolutely terrified for the rest of your life watch #haunted on @netflix'.
However others seemed to find the show amusing as the pointed out plot holes and questioning the 'true story' disclaimers at the beginning of each episode.

One viewer wrote: 'Some of these episodes make me question if anyone reached out to the police or FBI… #haunted #hauntednetflix'.

Another added: 'Why do I keep watching #Haunted its awful, the stories are all fake and can be easily explained with common sense and science.

'But damn with a glass of wine its fun to pull them apart and giggle at the silliness of episodes like Demon Cat!'

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