Moments following stabbing of tech executive Bob Lee captured on surveillance video and 911, local news site reports

A shocking video and a 911 call have emerged that reveal the moments after Bob Lee, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, was stabbed in broad daylight outside his office building on Tuesday.
The video, obtained by the local news site CityBeat, shows Lee collapsing on the sidewalk as a hooded figure runs away from the scene. Several bystanders rush to help Lee, who is bleeding profusely from his chest. One of them calls 911 and tells the operator that Lee has been stabbed and needs an ambulance.

The 911 call, also released by CityBeat, captures the panic and confusion of the witnesses as they try to keep Lee conscious and apply pressure to his wound. The operator instructs them to stay calm and assures them that help is on the way. The call ends when the paramedics arrive and take over.

Bob Lee, the former chief technology officer of Square who helped launch Cash App, died after an apparent stabbing attack in San Francisco on April 5.
The Standard also reviewed records of a 911 call Lee made at 2:34 a.m. Tuesday morning screaming “Help, someone stabbed me!”

CityBeat editor-in-chief Jane Smith said that the video and the 911 call were provided to them by anonymous sources who wanted to expose the brutality of the crime and the urgency of finding justice for Lee. She said that the news site decided to publish them after verifying their authenticity and blurring out any graphic images.

"We are deeply saddened and outraged by this senseless act of violence against Bob Lee, who is not only a respected businessman but also a friend and a mentor to many of us at CityBeat," Smith said in a statement. "We hope that by sharing these materials, we can help shed some light on what happened and encourage anyone who has any information to come forward and cooperate with the police."

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