Michelin star chef to add 'semen' to the menu at popular restaurant

A famous Michelin-starred chef is considering including the "delicacy" known as 'semen' in his menu at a popular restaurant in Spain.

This decision comes after he was invited to taste a Japanese dish called shirako by another chef, Hiro Sato.

It seems that unconventional ingredients such as animal entrails have become more common in high-end cuisine, alongside luxurious emulsions and edible flowers.

Previously, these items were only seen being consumed by D-list celebrities on reality TV shows like I'm A Celeb.
Shirako, which can also be spelled shiraku, is a white paste derived from fish semen that is typically served on rice or custard. It is considered a delicacy in Japan due to its smooth texture and pronounced sea-like flavor, and it is often obtained from pufferfish, monkfish, and occasionally cod.

Extracting shirako from the fish's sperm sacs is a difficult task that requires the expertise of a skilled chef. The semen, which can have a pink or white color, must be extracted with care. While shirako is not widely consumed outside of Japan, some cultures have integrated it into their daily diets under different names.

For instance, in Romania, fish semen from river carp is utilized to create "lapti." Vegetarians can also replicate the dish with ingredients such as potatoes, mushrooms, and eggplant.
The 43-year-old Michelin-starred chef, Muรฑoz, is considering serving Shirako in its original form at his prestigious restaurant, DiverXO in Madrid. On his Instagram feed, he shared his thoughts on the dish, revealing that grilled pufferfish semen had left an indescribable impression on him.

However, this decision has sparked a divided response from social media users on whether they would actually order and enjoy the dish. While some users find the idea of consuming Shirako stomach-turning and a form of animal abuse, others have compared it to the long-standing practice of consuming fish eggs.

At present, Shirako is not on the menu at DiverXO, so it remains uncertain whether the dish will be served in the future. It is possible that it may soon become available in more mainstream locations, such as local pubs.

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