Martha Stewart Is Caught Drinking A Margarita Out Of A Measuring Cup During An Event

While society is behind on respecting and valuing the aging process, getting older does come with some added benefits. One of these includes caring less about what other people think of you. Eighty-one-year-old Martha Stewart recently embodied this when appearing on a panel at the April 4 Samsung “Unbox & Discover” event.
TikToker user @kate_kozuch got a video of Martha casually sipping a margarita out of a glass measuring cup. Martha’s reps confirmed it was her signature pomegranate Martha-rita. Martha does what she wants.

Kate’s video has understandably gone viral. In it, viewers can see Martha speaking on a panel with NFL star Carl Nassib. Martha looks chic as usual, sporting khaki-colored slacks and a loose-fitting olive green sweater. The real star of her outfit is her peek-a-boo sparkly wedge sandals.

While giving advice on some unknown topic, possibly how to make a perfect quiche, Martha casually leans down to presumably place her glass measuring cup back at her feet after taking a sip. Kate overlaid the text "for real when I'm 81 I want to be Martha Stewart drinking a margarita out of a measuring cup in public" on her TikTok. People in the comment section could not agree more.

The comment section was buzzing with people who thought this move by Martha was just so relatable.

“I like how Martha Stewart started off as a 'wasp' and turned into a rachet homemaker,” one user wrote.

"I feel like Martha has been the lowest key OG and we’re just finding out about this in her DGAF Era," chimed in another user.

"She’s so real for this," mused one user.

To see Martha in action for yourself, watch this video.

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