Man spending $2m a year to reverse his biological age reveals how many years he's already rolled back

Bryan Johnson, a 45-year-old tech developer residing in Venice, California, has spent millions of dollars in an attempt to reverse his biological age, and has recently revealed the extent of his success. Despite appearing somewhat unconventional, his efforts have yielded positive results as he has worked with a team of experts to enhance his physical fitness.
The regimen, called 'Project Blueprint,' is a rigorous program that involves testing various aspects of his body, including lung capacity, body fat, and strength, among other criteria.

Around 30 doctors closely monitor his progress, analyzing his fitness levels and every part of his body as he endeavors to reverse the aging process. Bryan's workout routine is grueling, with one aspect putting his body through the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups in just half an hour.
Despite the challenge, Bryan claims that his efforts have succeeded, with some parts of his body de-aging at a cellular level, such as his left ear, which he claims is now 64 years old. Although he admits that some parts of his body remain older than others, he jokingly claims that he aims to become an 18-year-old once again, teasing his son, who is currently 17, that he wants to be like him when he "grows younger."
He added: "If we slowed the speed of aging, and even reversed it, it would change what it means to be human."

According to Bloomberg, in order to achieve his goal, Bryan has to undergo numerous medical procedures each month, with the outlet describing some of them as being 'quite extreme and painful'.

In a post published on Medium last year, Johnson opened up about his plans.

"With my world-class team of doctors, researchers and clinicians, if I am able to reverse my measured biological age by 1.01 years for every one year that passes, that is evidence that we have reached the first stage of aging escape velocity where life expectancy increases faster than passed time," he wrote.

"As for the magic pill, it appears that for the foreseeable future, achieving and maintaining peak wellness is just going to be a lot of really hard work."

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