Man overtaking huge queue while obeying highway code is leaving people annoyed

It's a terrible feeling to believe that another driver has taken advantage of you.

Imagine driving down a busy street, following the rules and patiently waiting in line until you notice a lane closure up ahead.

Suddenly, you see a driver speed past you, bypassing many other cars on the A12.

Dashcam footage posted on social media displays the incident, and it has been watched by thousands of people on TikTok.

In the video, the user with the handle @dills_taxi is driving in the outside lane, which is completely empty, while the other two lanes are crowded with cars. The taxi passes numerous other vehicles that are slowly inching along as it speeds by. As traffic cones start to appear in the distance, signaling the lane closure, the cab pulls into the middle lane and overtakes one final car before reaching the cones. @dills_taxi wrote "Merging done right" while sharing the video, but some people felt that he was "cutting in" and that his move was dangerous. The Highway Code, on the other hand, does not prohibit this maneuver, as long as it is safe and appropriate.
The lesson here is to be more aware when driving on the road.

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