Jerry Seinfeld apologized for 'inappropriately' sexual Bee Movie

In 2021, during an appearance on The Tonight Show to promote the release of Seinfeld on Netflix, Jerry Seinfeld jokingly apologized for the uncomfortable aspects of his 2007 kids film, Bee Movie, which included a bee repeatedly hitting on a human woman.
Seinfeld, who played the main character Barry B.

Benson and co-wrote the film, expressed regret over the film's strange bee-on-human romance, which involved absurd sexual tension between the characters and portrayed the human boyfriend, Ken, as the antagonist for questioning the relationship between a bee and a human.
Seinfeld said on the program: "I apologise for what seems to be a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect of the Bee Movie.

"It really was not intentional, but after it came out, I realised this is really not appropriate for children. Because the bee seemed to have a thing for the girl, and we don't really want to pursue that as an idea in children's entertainment."
When Vanessa breaks up with Ken because he tries to kill Barry again and says: “Fine! Talking bees, No yogurt night… My nerves are fried from riding on this emotional rollercoaster!” - literally, same.

The buzz about the awkward horniness and bee-zarre storyline of the Bee Movie has persisted with fans calling out the movie and its questionable narrative.

There's even a Facebook group entitled: Men like this are the reason why women are falling in love with bees with 6.6k members.

Consider this exhibit bee: one screenwriter, Spike Feresten, told The New Statesmen, that the film wasn't supposed to be sexual.

“Often we would lose sight of those characters in the room," he explained in an interview with the publication.

“They would just be Barry and Vanessa and we would write this dialogue for Barry and Vanessa, and read it over and have to remind ourselves, well, this is a tiny bee saying this, and the tiny bee is fighting with her boyfriend.

"So let’s dial it back to friend, and make it less romantic, because it’s getting weird.”

It sure is.

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