Inside quietest place on earth where you can hear your own organs

The world's most silent room may seem like a tranquil space, but it is actually so devoid of sound that most individuals can only tolerate it for a brief period.
Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to the anechoic test chamber, which has achieved the Guinness World Record for being the quietest location on Earth.
The room absorbs nearly 99.9 percent of sound and is primarily used for scientific research; nevertheless, it has become an unexpected tourist attraction, with people interested in experiencing it firsthand.

However, the average individual finds it difficult to stay inside for more than a few minutes because of the absence of noise, and the lack of sound can have an effect on their hearing senses.
The lab's walls are made up of a large masonry and concrete chamber, with a smaller steel chamber mounted on vibration-absorbing springs inside it, and the inner walls are lined with a layer of heavy insulation covered with glass-fibre wedges.

People who spend time in the chamber can hear the sound of their body, such as their heartbeat, stomach gurgling, and even their lungs. A visit to the room costs $600 (£527) per hour, per person.

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