In a new video, Hailey Bieber was praised as a "true beauty" while appearing without any makeup on.

Hailey Bieber's natural beauty received compliments on the internet as she appeared in a new video without any makeup.
Through a post on her skincare brand's Instagram account, Rhode Skin, the 26-year-old displayed her perfect, smooth skin while demonstrating her makeup routine for Coachella.

She informed her 680,000 followers that she was using only a small amount of makeup on her cheeks and brows, with a possible touch of it on her eyelids.

The guru specializing in beauty demonstrates to her followers how she creates a pleasant blush on her cheeks by blending a bright red hue with a Rhode beauty product.

Later, Bieber displays the completed appearance, featuring a modern and neat girl style with minimal makeup and her hair styled in a half-up, half-down manner.

Fans were thrilled with the outcome and praised her as a genuine beauty.
Others also praised her look, telling her she had "the prettiest face".
And this user also asked for Bieber to reveal what she uses on her skin to get it saw flawless.
Of course some fans couldn't help but take this opportunity to question the 26-year-old on a potential launch of new products. "Anyone else wondering more and more about this essence she keeps talking about? @rhode @haileybieber is this one of the next & newest products you are perfecting?" This user asked, while another told Bieber to reveal the products she used to get her skin so perfect.
Rhode Skin was originally released in June 2022 after initially teasing the drop earlier on in the year.
Back in April, Hailey took to Instagram to share that Rhode is coming in June 2022: "@rhode is getting closer by the day... see you next month on," she captioned a post on the app.

According to the website, the founder shared that her motivation for creating the brand stemmed from her desire for "healthier skin."

In her own words, she explained that her pursuit of healthier skin drove her to create products that are effective and affordable for everyone.

The brand, named Rhode, focuses on creating skincare products that are backed by scientific research and formulated with high-quality ingredients, with the goal of demystifying the complexities of skincare.

She hopes that these products will become staples in people's daily routines, both at home and while traveling, resulting in long-term improvements to their skin's health and hydration.

The line, which is described as being "rooted in science" was "developed with award-winning dermatologists, chemists and industry leaders, our skin barrier-focused formulas are designed to bring visible benefits—instantly, and years down the rhode [sic]."

Her products range all the way from moisturisers to serums which contain "clean" and "high performance" such as peptides, shea butter and niacinamide.

Despite receiving some negative reviews (including criticisms from Jeffree Starr), Rhode Skin is still managing to succeed in the industry, at least for the time being.

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